Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management

Why HRM?

To provide you the best exposure to a world of flawless HR solutions.


Our product hrm is been approved by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) is the main tax administrator to the Government. IRAS also represents the Government in tax treaty negotiations, drafts tax legislations and provides advice on property valuation to the Government.

The Central Provident Fund (CPF) is a comprehensive social security system that enables working Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents to set aside funds for retirement. It also addresses healthcare, home ownership, family protection and asset enhancement.

Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management

Automated payroll inputs & payslips

Don’t complicate yourself in calculating salaries for your fellow employees. We do this for you in a very simple manner. Generate payslips only for the number of days that your employee has worked. Automatic calculation is done based on the attendance of the employee.

Fully customizable leave policies

Are your employees yet worried about taking leave due to a long boisterous process? Just minimize their strain by exemplifying leave policies of your organization with our software. In the truancy of a personal time-off policy, when has an employee called in sick enough times to justify dismissal? How many days off are pertinent when a family member is sick or dies? Do you have any choice about paying an employee who is on a jury or spending weeks at reserve training? While it is possible to deal with each situation as it arises, a consistent and clearly communicated policy can make your life very easier. Employees will know what to expect and you won't be stressed with making decisions each time.

Human Resource Management

Strategic Tasks and queries

Some of our features are:

  • Automated leave granting
  • Employees and managers both handling leave requests
  • Focusing mainly on strategic HR tasks
  • Accessing leave reports

Use our comprehensive software to know about your task and the time limit. Your queries are always answered. Complete your task and have fun on the go!

Human Resource Management

A Versatile HR Solution

Be punctilious while searching for the right candidate. Use our tool to deploy an individual who outstands from others. We are in predilection of finding the best asset to your organization. Still having problems with your paychecks? We provide you the best solution using our human resource management application. It starts from the very first on boarding process till the workforce management.

Centralized Access

Get a gist of all details of your employees with a single click. We have equipped some of the administrator features to have a control over your fellow people.

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Time Tracking and Attendance Scheduling

Still difficult to maintain large masses in your organization? Schedule shifts and working hours using our best hrm solution.

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Judge your Employee’s Performance like a King

We have equipped some of the latest and trending algorithms to monitor your employee’s performance to provide timely rewards and recognition.

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Manage Claims and Training

Having issues with claims yet? Sort it out by keeping track of all your claims. Encourage your newbie by providing them an algorithmic training process.

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IRAS- Notable Feature

Approved by the Inland Revenue of Singapore (IRAS) which enhances your integrity, service, and excellence.CDG grant approved product to defray up to 70% of the cost of qualifying projects.

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CPF- Privileges

Legalized by the Central Provident Fund (CPF), which is a compulsory comprehensive savings plan for working. Saving for the retirement of your employees is no longer tedious.

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Human Resource Management

Hello HR - Greet for a great start

Capture all necessary employee information ranging from personal to work details at a centralized location.

Easy tools to carry out various employee lifecycle activities, such as addition, confirmation, resignation, etc.

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Info Manager

Manage multiple levels and layers of information such as 20+ employee data categories, reporting hierarchy with organization chart, employee directory, etc.

Monitor your company’s asset-related information, especially upon an employee’s resignation, promotion or transfer. At all times, know which company assets are being used by which employee.

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Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management

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